Wool as a material for rugs

Wool as a material for rugs

It’s known that there are different types of rug materials that each create an entirely different rug. When I think of carpet materials, probably the first one that comes to mind is silk, and I’m sure many would echo my sentiments. Who hasn’t heard of silk’s prestigious luxury when talking about clothing and carpetry? Then, my mind gets back down to Earth, and I think of the more common materials presently used for rug making –synthetic fiber like nylon, plastic and so forth. But somewhere along, another premium material often gets overlooked, in good part because many don’t understand the reason for the increased price of these rugs over their synthetic counterparts.

The elevated price of wool rugs is there because of additional effort and expense required to obtain the natural material needed for production, but also because of the higher quality of the rugs. Surely you know someone who has their grandmother’s or great-grandfather’s wool carpet, and it looks like it might as well have just left the store. This longevity isn’t achieved only because wool fibers are so durable, but without exception, because the owners take such great care of the rugs. To think that some small differences in how you treat the rug can decide whether the rug lasts a couple of years or a couple of decades really make you want to think every aspect of care for wool rugs through. Well, the good news is that you might end up having to clean your wool rug less than you would a synthetic one. This is in good part due to wool’s naturally resistant properties. When facing fire, the fiber tends to extinguish itself, making it highly unlikely you will ever set your wool carpet on fire. Additional protection comes in the form of resisting stains by not allowing any liquid to come through. So if you spilled a drink over your wool rug, it might be a simple matter of blotting it out with a reasonable mixture of water and vinegar, but only if you’re quick enough. If you wait around, the fibers themselves will become coated in the liquid, absorbing it, which goes to show the importance of being informed on wool rug care. Cleaning the rug is a process of its own –do not ever attempt to utilize the washing machine or the dryer if you don’t want to end up with catastrophic results. Instead, focus on manually following each step necessary to bring your rug from dirty to pristine. Find high quality and best rug in the for home, cars, etc..Legend-Himalaya-Ivory

Adding water into the mix before the rug is clean of any dust and debris can horribly complicate the procedure as water will cause the dirt to stick. Only after you have adequately shaken and vacuumed the rug for every last bit of dirt should you move onto rinsing the rug with water. Stick to using a soapy solution only as various chemical cleaners could damage the fibers. Afterwards, it’s best if you can leave your rug out to dry in the sun for as long as is necessary.


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